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This razor will last for a long time

Braun Series 8 vs Series 9 After each use, you should clean the razor. You can do this at the clean and refresh station. We suggest using the clean and refresh station at least once a week to clean and lubricate the cutting head, whether you like to clean your shaver with water or with dry air. I am an African diaspora person. I get the best results when I use a combination of a depilatory (magic shave gold container), an Andis T-outliner, a Remington F5, and this Series 7 Braun shaver. If I don't shave for a day or two, I use the T-outliner because it gets the bigger hairs without pushing them down into my skin. Most of the time, I start with the F5, which is great for cutting and lifting short, curly hair. After that, I use the Series 7 because its finish is the smoothest. If I don't use the depilatory every four days or so, I get little pimples all over the area where hair grows. When the depilatory doesn't leave my face feeling smooth, I go right to series 7. For me, this means a finish that is as smooth and free of bumps as possible.My girlfriend uses one on her legs, armpits, and lady parts. She says that it makes her skin smoother and keeps razor burn and ingrown hairs from happening. This is something that both of us have (I use mine on my face though). I bought a Braun 8985 360 Complete Men's Shaver at the beginning of July 2007. People still use it. I put it through the cleaner every time I shave. Since I know that the cleaning solution will evaporate after the cleaning process is done, I take the cartridge out of the Clean & Charge Station and put the cap on it until the next time I shave. The cartridge with the cap on it is then put back into the Clean & Charge Station, but this time with the cap facing up. No longer in the way is the cartridge. Germany thought of, designed, and made the product. *Tested on a 3-day beard against top-of-the-line premium products. **Compared to previous Series 9 products, which GQ and the Skin Health Alliance both recommend. The best electric shaver in the whole world. Use this sharp, close-fitting, and gentle shaver to get a smooth, clean cut. Best use of time: Five shaving parts take off more hair in one pass than any other razor on the market. It comes with a cleaning cartridge, a travel case, a cleaning brush, a charging cord, and instructions. SmartCare centre that chooses a cleaning programme, cleans, lubricates, dries, and charges your razor; cleaning cartridge, cleaning cartridge, travel case, cleaning brush, charging cord, and user manual; cleaning cartridge, cleaning cartridge, travel case, cleaning brush, charging cord, and user manual. This razor will last for a long time. Its battery life has been increased to 60 minutes, and it only takes 5 minutes to charge. Design of a high-end razor: The new high-quality coating is smudge-proof and has three layers that are as thin as a human hair. This makes the razor look very classy. Products from the Braun Series 7 were put to the test.