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This is a little inconvenience, as it will be thoroughly sanded off.

DWS716XPS vs DWS779 This 12-inch Double-Bevel Compound Miter Saw's 15 Amp motor spins at 3,800 rpm for extended strength and durability. The integrated CUTLINE function (LED artwork light system) provides adjustable-loose cut line signalling for increased precision and visibility. This saw features a chrome steel mitre detent plate with 14 high-quality stops and a cam mitre lock mechanism that ensures repeated accuracy and durability with clean adjustments. Tall sliding barriers assist in vertically nesting 6-1/2-inch base moulding and 6-5/8-inch crown moulding. The focus of a high-performance dirt duct is on the factor of reduction for maximum collection. Its compact design and integrated carry handle ensure portability.

To begin, when removing the notification from the container, you immediately acquire a sense of superiority. The notice became impeccably wrapped, almost to a fault. If they had tossed this thing over the back of the UPS truck without slowing down, I believe it would have been alright. The noticed's natural appearance and conclusion are excellent. The machined aluminium mattress is bright, simple to use, and the attitude dial is large and easy to view at the bottom. Nothing wiggles or flexes, and the noticed has a full-size heft that instils confidence but won't wreck your back. If you're doing end-of-the-year paintings. I could suggest lowering through a few items to remove the maximum amount of yellow from the blade in order to smear your preliminary cuts. This is a little inconvenience, as it will be thoroughly sanded off. While I initially thought the XPS device was a silly gimmick (at the time of purchase, the XPS was less expensive than the standard model), I was pleasantly surprised.

The DEWALT DWS779 sliding compound mitre is a model of precision at its most demanding, with exceptional turning accuracy and the ability to be used on a regular job site. This mitre saw is equipped with a powerful 15 Amp, 3800 RPM engine that provides long-lasting strength and durability. Tall sliding fences accommodate 7-1/2-inch crown nested lumber and up to 214 dimensional lumbers at 90 degrees and 210 at 45 degrees. A cam lock mitre handle with detent override provides accurate and short mitre angles. You can incorporate an LED light with this noticed.

You may also find my answer a little crude; I've been mitre sawing for decades and the best guidance device I've discovered to work is my/your eyes. Whether using lasers or not, you'll still want to use your eyes to bring the painting piece as close to the cutoff point as possible. I hope this is of assistance! DeWalt no longer lists this model (DWS779) on their web site, most likely because this saw is the greatest DWS780 corded sliding compound mitre saw without the DWS780's beautiful XPS manual light. Currently on Amazon (as of January 2017) and elsewhere (online at Home Depot), the DWS779 is selling for $200 less than the DWS780–a significant savings if you can live without the light. DeWalt used to sell an accent XPS light for older saw models, but no longer does. While the accent lighting fixtures are still available on Ebay, the electric coupler for the accent lighting is no longer included in new mitre saws.


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