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The Husqvarna 150BT backpack blower has a mechanism to dampen vibrations

Husqvarna 350BT vs 150BT The 150BT has a smaller diameter tube, which lets it go faster. On the other hand, the 350BT has a higher CFM, which is a measure of volume rather than speed. Because the 350BT moves more air, it's easier to blow up big piles of leaves with it than with the 150BT. On the other hand, a 150BT may make it easier to blow out small cracks because it moves air faster. What you do with it depends on how you want to use it.

I'm sorry to hear that your new blower is giving you trouble. Because it's our most popular model, hearing that you're having trouble with it is surprising. The Husqvarna 150BT backpack blower has a mechanism to dampen vibrations. This is meant to make the blower less shaky. Also, make sure that every strap around your body is tight and secure. It's possible that the idle speed of the carburetor needs to be changed. Before making any changes, make sure the air filter is clean and the air filter cover is in place. The idle speed is set to 2200 rpm when it is made.

I don't know what you mean when you say "soft grip." I have the regular grip, which has a button to turn the gun on and off and a power trigger that sticks out. And yes, you can change it. On the side, there is a small screw that lets you change the shape of the handle. I hope you can use this information. I own both an Echo and a Husqvarna. Each one comes with a guarantee for one year. Both work the same way, and I'm happy with both. My Echo is about 3–4 years old, and it takes a few pulls to get it going. Husqvarna just got it, and all it takes is a few pulls to get it going.

CONTROL OF THE CRUISE: A variable speed throttle with cruise control can be set up to make the car easier to drive.

Ergonomic harness system: The padded harness and hipbelt of the operator are made to fit the shape of his or her body. The offset handle makes it easy to change the force of the blows without putting too much strain on the arm. Stopping the arm from being pulled down Lowvib: Dampeners between the engine and the chassis work well to cut down on vibrations. The idle speed is 2200 RPM. Cruise control: A variable speed throttle with cruise control can be set for better control. STOP SWITCH FOR AUTO RETURN: To make it easier to start, the stop switch is turned back on right away. HIGH AIR SPEED AND VOLUME: With a volume of 434 CFM and a speed of 251 MPH, this vacuum cleaner cleans very well.