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Taking control of your strength: You can create a stronger cup by using any K-cup

Keurig K500 Vs K575 We microwave our brewed coffee/tea for 15 seconds to bring it to the desired temperature. We are not need to wave the tea because it is normally hotter. This is not a deal breaker for us. We've had a Keurig maker in our home since 2005. We purchased the K575 model lately and are quite pleased with it. In comparison to purchasing 'expensive' coffee, a k-cup is a steal. We'd need to make a trip to Starbucks to get a 12oz cup of regular coffee, which costs $1.85. I am aware that it contains two additional ounces than my Keurig cup, which carries ten. Additionally, we typically drink a cup of tea or chai in the afternoons. We no longer commute, as I am no longer employed and my husband works from home, which allows us to utilise our Keurig whenever we like. When offers a deal on 24-packs of k-cups, I stock up. With free shipping, we spend an average of 45 cents every k-cup. A minimum order amount is required to qualify for free shipping. If you register your new Keurig maker on, you'll receive a discount on your first order. Right now, 5 - 24 count boxes are 50% off. What a steal! Additionally, they'll send you emails with exclusive offers.

The Keurig K575 offers a few additional features, most notably in the software department: A new single cup size of 12 oz is included. There are a total of five temperature settings on this unit. Obtaining hot water has been simplified and may now be done via a menu selection (instead of holding down the start button). You may optionally select a cup size for hot water. On the disadvantage, the K575 does not include a carafe, unlike other models. Apart from that, it is identical to the K550. If necessary, you may purchase a carafe separately. The outside components of the K575 brewing system, including the water reservoir, are composed of BPA-free plastic. The internal water reservoir is made of stainless steel. We hope you find this information beneficial. The screen, in fact, has a power button. Lower right-hand corner Then, in the settings, arrange it to remain on or to turn on and off at predetermined periods. Extra-large colour touch screen: Brewing a fresh, great-tasting cup in less than a minute is easy with a digital clock; additionally, schedule your brewer to switch on or off at regular intervals, ensuring that it is available to use when you need it and turning off to conserve energy. Taking control of your strength: You can create a stronger cup by using any K-cup pod brew size and a strength control option. Additionally, five temperature settings let you to enjoy your favourite beverage at the degree that is most comfortable for you. To dispense hot water on demand, press the hot water on demand button and select your desired brew size.

Highlights of the Product: Large Color Touch Display, Adjustable Strength, Customizable Presets, 80 oz. Reservoir of Water


Customizable Water Reservoir Night Light, Programmable Clock for On-Demand Hot Water, and Auto Brew


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