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Submerging the control head in water is not recommended

Garrett Ace Apex vs at Pro Garrett will give you with a two-year manufacturer guarantee if you call and register your equipment at the time of purchase. Allow a sufficient amount of time between purchasing and registering your vehicle. I don't believe you'll have any difficulties over the first two years, much less the first 10. Indeed, they are. The AT pro utilises a different type of headphone connection than the less expensive models. Garrett manufactures a conversion jack that reduces the size of the AT pro jack to that of a standard phone connection. However, volume-controlling headphones are included. However, I believe they are not waterproof. The Garrett Ace Apex is waterproof and resistant to rain. Submerging the control head in water is not recommended.

Without a doubt, without a doubt. To my knowledge, just two new AT versions have been launched, and the AT pro remains the highest-quality and most capable variant. I saved money and sold other detectors to get the AT Pro, and I'm not disappointed. It is entirely worthwhile. IRON VOLUME enables the user to reduce the volume of iron targets while maintaining a constant volume of non-ferrous targets. While seasoned treasure seekers frequently like hearing all targets, they will welcome the ability to reduce the loudness of unwanted things.

Apex has greater versatility than any other detector in its price range, with eight Iron Volume settings.

Garrett's Multi-Flex technology, backed by a cutting-edge, high-bandwidth digital platform, provides the Apex with greater adaptability than any detector in its price range! Select from a variety of strong single frequencies to boost identification of certain targets*, or from one of Apex's simultaneous multifrequency modes to ensure outstanding detection of all targets in all soils.

CONTROLS THAT ARE INTUITIONAL AND EFFECTIVE For the most commonly used controls, direct drive buttons are provided. Other controls may be adjusted via an easy-to-access menu. SIX DETECTION MODES IN ADDITION TO PINPOINT ZERO, COINS, UNITED STATES COINS (WITH COIN IMAGE), JEWELRY, RECALLS, AND CUSTOM GROUND BALANCE IN HIGH-RESOLUTION Ground balancing resolution of 175 points (similar to the Garrett AT Max), ranging from ferrous ground to seawater. LARGE TARGET IDENTIFICATION NUMBERS BATTERY RECHARGEABLE The integrated rechargeable lithium ion battery gives up to 15 hours of operation, depending on the setting. Included is a micro-USB charging cord.


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