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My Echo Show 10 came with one, and it works well with the other Echos

Philips Hue A19 vs A21 Find out what Hue can do. Add a Hue Smart Hub to your Bluetooth-controlled setup to get more features, like being able to control it from outside the house (Hue Hub sold separately). Enjoy the right shade of warm white light to match any decor and help you with your daily work, whether you want to make your own light recipes or use the ones that are already set up. Hue White smart lighting can be turned down all the way, making it the best place to start when you want to set the right mood in your home.

This smart, powerful light will make your biggest rooms brighter. This bulb can elegantly light up living rooms, kitchens, and other places with a colour temperature of 2700 and a brightness similar to a standard 75-watt bulb. With dimmable features, you can change how bright the light is. You have the Hue Hub, right? You can use timers to slowly turn off your smart lighting over the course of the day. Smart lights are easy to control. You can use a button, your voice, or smart light accessories to control them.

Possibilities are endless. With Bluetooth-enabled smart lights, you can use your voice to turn on smart lights in any room without having to use your hands. If you connect your Philips Hue lights to an Amazon Echo or Google Home device that works with them, you can use your voice to control your smart lights. Make the scene: Set the right mood for every event in every room of your house. This smart bulb puts out 1600 lumens of light, which is a lot. Simple to set up: The easiest way to start using smart lights is with Philips Hue and Bluetooth. With the Hue Bluetooth app and Bluetooth-enabled LED smart bulbs, you can instantly control up to 10 smart lights in a room.

The hue hub has direct control over the lights (one hue hub may control up to 50 bulbs). Alexa might set up an app or programme called a "skill" that connects to the hue hub. The end result is that when you say, "Alexa, turn on bedroom light," the request goes to the hue hub, which turns on the light. Alexa then gets a message that the request was completed and the light is on. You can control the hue hub directly with an apple or google smart device, or you can use an app to do what Alexa does.

I bought them recently as part of a Prime Day deal. You'll need a hub to fully use voice control (Alexa/Google). If not, you'll have to use Bluetooth to connect them to Alexa, which means the Echo device must be within 30 feet of the lights. Even when my Echo Dot is 4 feet from the light, the lights don't always work. About 85% of the time, I was working. The rest of the time, the Echo couldn't change the lights. You can also use the Philips Hue (Bluetooth) app. I wasn't happy with how well these worked for the price. I also got some LOHAS Smart LED lights, which work well. I got three for the price of two. The LOHAS can connect to both Bluetooth and Wifi, and you don't need a hub to do so. Since I don't want to buy a hub, I can't recommend the Philips. Since the LOHAS bulbs are much better, these will almost certainly be sent back.

My Echo Show 10 came with one, and it works well with the other Echos. But you need an Echo that works with Zigbee, such as the older Echo Plus, the current Echo 4th generation, or the Echo Show 10. If not, you'll need to connect Hue's hub and the Hue skill to your Alexa network. I like this show better than the others because it has pictures for installation. But most of my smart devices are connected to the internet through the Smart Life app, which lets them all work together.


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