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It contains a charging port where you may charge the razor

Braun 310S vs 3040S The plugs on all Braun products are huge because they all have built-in transformers and use integrated Safety Extra Low Voltage power sources, which explains why I own so many Braun products and have brought them overseas. Although we do not have instructions for repairing your item, we do offer a service center where any manufacturing problems may be repaired. Be assured that, despite our stringent quality controls, this is not normal. We'd be happy to bring you to the service center to learn more about your experience.

If you mean close, then no, it does not provide a shave as close as one obtained with a blade. It does, however, provide a shave that removes all visible beard and the bulk of what you can feel in less than 10 minutes. Very acceptable in all professional and most intimate settings. This razor did not come with a chargung base. Simply place it on the counter and plug in the included wire. It charges really quickly—between 30 and an hour. It contains a charging port where you may charge the razor. The charge should last for two weeks if you use it every day. One disadvantage is that you cannot shave while charging the gadget if the power runs out while you are using it. Nonetheless, lithium batteries have a rather long lifespan.

The Ultimate Present: Perfect Christmas, birthday, and anniversary gifts for him. Using a cordless battery: Ni-mh rechargeable battery with a 45-minute shaving time (enough to shave for a week). A 5-minute quick charge is enough for one shave. Built to Last: A long-lasting cordless electric shaver designed for hair removal using water, foam, or gel that can last up to 7 years. It promotes hair growth. When compared to the Braun Series 3 and tested on three-day-old beards, the precision trimmer's MicroComb is especially designed to capture more hair with each stroke for accurate moustache and sideburn removal. Braun Series 3 electric razor with protective lid and smart plug for automatic 100-240 voltage adjustment. The three pressure-sensitive shaving components shave in natural straight lines while adapting to each face feature. Braun Series 3 rechargeable electric shavers are suitable for shaving both skin and beards. There are two rows of small, perfectly spaced grooves to help route hair for an excellent, comfortable shave. The Braun Series 3 electric razor was invented and designed in Germany, a country that values excellence.

The three moveable shaving components (3-Flex head) adjust to every facial curvature for maximum skin contact. Even on challenging three-day beards. Braun pressure-sensitive blades retract automatically to protect your skin. for a smooth shave and velvety skin. A protective cap, a Braun Series 3 electric razor, and a smart plug with automatic 100-240 voltage adjustment are all included. Use it with water, foam, or gel for even more gliding and a smoother skin experience. Shaving is also feasible in the shower. Braun Series 3 electric razor with protective lid and smart plug for automatic 100-240 voltage adjustment.


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